The Kenpo Crest and its meaning

(As described by Ed Parker Snr.)

KENPO CREST – Logo designed by Ed Parker and brother David for the American Kenpo System. All parts of the design have significant meaning and symbolically represent the past and present. The following is a brief explanation of what the crest symbolizes:


1. THE TIGER – represents earthly strength derived during the early stages of learning.



2. THE DRAGON – represents spiritual strength, which comes with seasoning.



3. THE CIRCLE – symbolic of (a) life itself, which is a continuous cycle without beginning or end, (b) all moves that evolve from a ciricle, whether they are defensive or offensive, (c) the bond of friendship that should continuously exist among system members,  and (d) the base from which our alphabet stems.


4. THE COLOURS – represent proficiency, achievement and authority.


5. THE ORIENTAL WRITING – is a reminder of the originators of our Art – the Chinese, and represents respect, but not subservience to them.



6. THE SHAPE – (a) the TOP of the crest is like a roof, which gives shelter to all who are under it, (b) the SIDES are concave because, like the roof of a Chinese home, it will send evil back to from where it came, whenever it tries to enter, (c) the BOTTOM forms the shape of an axe – it represents the executioner – which cuts off members who shame or oppose the code(s) of the system.